The nice thing about running a bear site is that there are so many different kinds of bears: daddy bears, muscle bears, polar bears, cubs, chubby men, and even thinner hairy men are embraced by this community as wolves or otters. It's one of the reasons that I called this site Universal Bear. Bears truly are universal – they're found in every culture and country around the world, and they are loved not by everyone, but universally.

And even these chubby men range in size and stature that it's hardly right to call them chubby, but I couldn't call this the Chubby, Husky, Stocky, Big Men Gallery, so I had to generalize. Harry was one of the first chubby men here. He's got a big belly and a big bear butt that looks great wet or dry, but since Harry's playing on the beach, it isn't long before we get to see some wet fur. Check out this Hairy Bear.

Christovão is a big muscle bear from Brazil. He's solid, and not really chubby, but then he's not all muscle, either. Regardless, his massive thighs, uncut Brazilian cock, and big bear butt make him a perfect addition to these galleries. If you like your hairy men in the outdoors, you'll want to take a look at this Big Muscle Bear.

Christopher Lafleur is another uncut bear who is a little bit of a cross between stocky and muscular. He's got a hot bear butt, which he shoves in the air, and a nice set of low hanging balls. Watch French Uncut Bear Christopher jerk off and shoot a load all over his stomach.

Hairy Football Bear Ted's another chubby man with a great butt. Isn't that the best part of bears? They've got hot asses – ample insulation for a good, hard fuck. And Ted's another bear on the beach. After stripping off his rugby uniform, he shoots an unbelievable load through the air. Flying cum. Woof!

Jaydee is Universal Bear's first black bear and was the first Chubby Man to make an appearance. Massive thighs, chubby belly, and big black cock, Jaydee works up a good jerk looking at a porn mag. Definitely a must-see for you big cock lovers.

And in recent months there have been other chubby men joining the ranks of Universal Bear. Chubby men are hard to find from the content brokers because everyone is so obsessed with photographing jocks and twinks, but I keep looking. Enjoy!

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